Since I was a child I was addicted to technology. It all started in elementary school when we could play on the Apple Macintosh and use Prodigy dial-up. My first true at home PC was an Apple IIe, next came a custom 386 desktop running DOS 5.0, shortly upgrade to DOS 6.0 and Windows 3.1. Later came the Gaming PCs that I used to get parts for at computer shows. I was really into BBS’s back then and created my own Beyond Realty with 2 dial up lines running PowerBBS. I lost interest for a while in High School. My first job in the IT industry was at USA Factory Computers on Waters Ave. Their I learned how to build PC’s on an assembly line scale. Later I moved into a software and support role and learned so much during the Windows 95/98 days.

During college I started making websites, learning HTML, PHP, and MySQL. During my Senior year at USF I started an internship with Merrill Lynch with the hopes of becoming a financial adviser. After a few months I realized this wasn’t the best career choice for me so I started building PC’s in my apartment and selling them on the classifieds. In May of 2004 a few days after my graduation I opened my first computer store ISORM on Florida Ave. A lot of hard work and a little luck after the first year I survived and started adding employees. In 2011 I made the mistake of opening a second store on Waters Ave. It was a headache and almost cost me both store but eventually it started to break even. In December of 2015 I closed down the Waters store and merged both locations into the 1850 SQ FT unit we had on Florida Ave. As the lease comes to end I am looking for a new career path.

My current web portfolio has declined to only two websites:

isorm.com was my second website built for ISORM Computers using WordPress dedicated to our store on Waters Ave. Great improvement in technology vs the OSC site I built almost 10 years ago. I have now made this the main site for the store.

mprossi.com is this site running WordPress 5.3 and Sydney theme.

Rest in piece to scrivit.com, dsmauctions.com, and gametronx.com. I have retained the domain names but right now they point back to here.

This site is just a holder on my creations. The next big thing will come soon.