Since a child I was addicted to technology. It all started in elementary school when we could play on the Apple Macintosh and use Prodigy dial-up. My first true at home PC was an Apple IIe, next came a custom 386 desktop running DOS 5.0, shortly upgrade to DOS 6.0 and Windows 3.1. Later came the Gaming PCs that I used to get parts for at computer shows. I was really into BBS’s back then and created my own Beyond Realty with 2 dial up lines running PowerBBS. I lost interest for a while in High School. My first job in the IT industry was at USA Factory Computers on Waters Ave. Their I learned how to build PC’s on an assembly line scale. Later I moved into a software and support role and learned so much during the Windows 95/98 days.

During college I started making websites, learning HTML, PHP, and MySQL. During my Senior year at USF I started an internship with Merrill Lynch with the hopes of becoming a financial adviser. After a few months I realized this wasn’t the best career choice for me so I started building PC’s in my apartment and selling them on the classifieds. In May of 2004 a few days after my graduation I opened my first computer store ISORM on Florida Ave. A lot of hard work and a little luck after the first year I survived and started adding employees. In 2011 I made the mistake of opening a second store on Waters Ave. It was a headache and almost cost me both store but eventually it started to break even. In December of 2015 I closed down the Waters store and merged both locations into the 1850 SQ FT unit we had on Florida Ave. As the lease comes to end I am looking for a new career path.

My current web portfolio has declined to only three websites:

isorm.com was my second website built for ISORM Computers using WordPress dedicated to our store on Waters Ave. Great improvement in technology vs the OSC site I built almost 10 years ago. I have now made this the main site for the store.

mprossi.com is this site running WordPress 5.3 and Sydney theme.

gametronx.com is coming soon for custom AMD and Intel Gaming PC’s powered with NVIDIA RTX cards

Rest in piece to scrivit.com and dsmauctions.com. I have retained the domain names but right now they point back to here.

This site is just a holder on my creations. The next big thing will come soon.

Don’t aspire to make a living aspire to make a difference.

Denzel Washington