Since I was a child I dreamed of being successful and I knew that IT was the way to get it done. My first true at home PC was an Apple IIe, next came a custom 386 desktop running DOS 5.0, shortly upgrade to DOS 6.0 and Windows 3.1. I was really into BBS’s back then and created my own Beyond Realty with 2 dial up lines running PowerBBS. I lost interest for a while in High School.

During college I started making websites, learning HTML, PHP, and MySQL

The following website were ones I created but were not a hit.

scrivit.com was an attempt to create a single place to use all the search engines of the time like WebCrawler and Yahoo. Now it is a Social networking test site. (deactivated)

dsmauctions.com was a DSM auction website for owners of DSM branded cars to trade parts in an eBay style setting. (deactivated)

So I opened a computer store in May of 2004 ISORM Computers in Tampa so far that has got me to where I am but I want more.

isormcomputers.com was my first successful web store built on OSC. We fix computer for $79 flat labor fee in store and sell all types of computers and laptops. (deactivated due to PHP depreciation)

isorm.com was my second website built for ISORM Computers using WordPress dedicated to our store on Waters Ave. Great improvement in technology vs the OSC site I built almost 10 years ago. I have now made this the main site for the store.

StockPileSavings.com was a WordPress site I built for my girlfriend to share her coupon skills with other interested users.

mprossi.com is this site running WordPress 5.3 and Sydney theme.

This site is just a holder on my creations. The next big thing will come soon.