About me

Born on October 5, 1980 in Tampa Florida I began my journey towards whatever life had to offer. Graduated Sickles High School in Tampa Florida class of 1999. Graduated USF with a bachelors degree in Finance class of 2004. Opened ISORM Computers on May 5, 2004 located at 14918 N. Florida Ave. On April, 2011 we opened the second location for ISORM Computers on 4023 W Waters Ave. January 2016 we merged the Waters Ave store into the 14924 N Florida Ave location which is 1850 sqft. My home life is very busy with Lisa, 3 kids, Eddie the dog, and Sammy the cat. For 15 years I have run ISORM, but as the cost of everything in SMB rises this venture is coming to an end and I am looking forward to whats next